Watch How Carrie Underwood’s Baby Boy Reacts to Mom and Dad Singing

American Idol Winner Sep 24, 2019

Carrie Underwood is a singing sensation. Her musical career started when she won American Idol’s fourth season, and her success continually rises.

The American country Christian musician has recorded six albums, and she has won a lot of awards from bodies such as Billboard, American Music Awards, and the Grammys. Also, some of her awards are from the Christian song categories such as Top Christian Song, and Hot Christian Songs for the Billboard Music Awards.

Carrie is highly successful not just on her musical career but on her other endeavors in the fashion and movie industry. However, the most significant success of Carrie Underwood is becoming a mother and a loving wife. Family comes first for the award-winning artist, and it’s because of her Christian faith.

She and her partner in life, Mike Fisher, became parents for the second time this year. Their second child Jacob is a few months old now, and he has a charming personality.

Carrie recently posted a video showing how Jacob reacts to the singing of her parents. In the humorous yet warm video, Jacob started to cry whenever his father would sing, and he’ll stop and will smile when his mother sings. The friendly singing competition of the couple goes back and forth, and it’s fun to watch how Jacob reacts, especially to the beautiful tune his mom produces.

Jacob might have a future in the music industry because he can distinguish a beautiful tune and voice, and the fans of Carrie Underwood is excited about that!


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