Dogs are obviously man’s best friend. They’re cheerful beings, obedient, caring and always joyful. But one dog’s greatest assets is to bring joy and amusement to the family at their silly antics and gestures.

One of the great examples of dog antics was the case of the Stroup family and their dog Kevin, and his reaction when a new “family member” is added.

For many years, Carleigh Johnson Stroup and her husband had been doting on Kevin, stating that the dog is sweet and loving, and they can never lay down unless Kevin joins them.

It may all seem Kevin’s world and rules for now, but there is a sudden twist.

A couple of weeks ago, the Stroups decided to expand the family by including a rather jolly puppy named Lyle. While it might seem all turnout, they forgot to advise and consult Kevin in regards to it, and the original’s dog reaction was just as hilarious as imagined.

“What. Have. You. Done.” Those words were indirectly registered through Kevin’s expression, as Lyle keeps on playing with Kevin.

However, it proved by the next few days that Lyle was all knees for Kevin, as it begins to follow him around and like considering him an older brother.

Stroup expressed that “Lyle only wants to go where Kevin is, and he’s just absolutely obsessed with Kevin”.

“Even Lyle’s attempt of ruining Kevin’s desire for peacefulness has been repetitive, Lyle remains to be inseparable with Kevin, like a conjoined twin”, Stroup said.