What This 13-Week-Old Baby Told Her Mom Will Leave You In Awe

What This 13-Week-Old Baby Told Her Mom Will Leave You In Awe

Most babies usually learn basic words by the time they reach nine months, or about 36 weeks. Upon reaching this age, they may be able to recognize certain words like ‘no’, ‘bye,’ and ‘good’. However, what you’re about to witness is a special baby girl who spoke, not one, not two, but three distinct english words.

Baby Ellie was born in January, and was only several weeks old when she tried to imitate what her mother, Claire, 28, told her. The new mother was cuddling her baby, cherishing the tremendous blessing God has given her when she uttered the words ‘I love you.’ To her surprise, baby Ellie repeated the same three words to her, catching her off guard.

Hearing the words and looking at the infant’s sweet lips all tell us that Ellie was trying her best to imitate what her mother Claire just said. And she barely nearly succeeded at just 13 weeks! Good thing Claire was able to record everything on camera.

She immediately sent the short video to her husband, Grant Reid, 32, who was also astonished at her baby’s first words. This is obviously one of the memories that the couple will cherish forever. They might even show baby Ellie this clip once she’s old enough. Surely, even Ellie would be surprised to hear herself say the three endearing words at such a young age.

Source: Heart Melting Moment Of A 13-Week-Old Baby Saying ‘I Love You’ To Her Mother by BarcroftTV