21-year-old Morgan King faced a dilemma when her parents told her they won’t be able to watch over her 3-month-old baby due to a prior commitment. Because she could not leave her baby behind, she emailed her professor that she cannot attend her Human Development class, where she’d miss two study videos and a quiz.

Hopeful that she’d get a favorable response, King was even more surprised when she read what her professor, Dr. Sally Hunter.

In a Twitter post that has since gone viral, King shared the email from Dr. Hunter, saying she can ‘bring her’ in class, talking about her baby daughter, Korbyn.

I’m literally crying,” she included at the end of her post. “So blessed/thankful,” the therapeutic recreation major included in the post. “She really wants me to succeed in her class. That just really spoke majorly to me.”

In times like these, single parents like Morgan King definitely need all the help they could get in raising their children. The fact that she continues to study is proof that she also wants to help herself, which may have inspired her professor to give her a hand.

The email from the University of Tennessee professor may seem superficial for some, but for individuals like Morgan who aspire something, it means a lot. It is always a humbling and emotional experience to discover that there are people who care and want you to succeed. That’s exactly what Dr. Hunter is to her – a rare jewel.