What's Your Prayer Today?

What's Your Prayer Today?

What you want pray for?

Posted by Follow Jesus on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

There are many responses from facebook:

Mitch Noval A healing for each and everyone who are in pain,esp.those who has cancer,and suffering depression, Forgiveness,Peace,Love, understanding, Guidance , Protection ,My family, friends,Me.And thank you Lord God for giving us this wonderful and precious life you’ve given to us..And for waking up in the morning.For your undying love

Keith Tozer I pray that the things I do and say will set an example and encourage others to seek a relationship with Christ. Life is short but as a believer in Jesus you are able to live a better life on earth and have eternal life after death. To learn more open and read a bible. Join a small group or bible study to share and understand the gift God offers everyone.

Eddie Mateo god almighty, heal my left eye, to become a better vision, guide and protect me, my family, my relatives, my friends and all the people suffer the sickness and problems, lord jesus Christ, help those people making a bad things, to be change a perspective and attitude in life, lord thank you for all the blessings you gave to me, specially my LIFE, glory to you god in the highest, Amen.

Colleen Claeys Lord I pray that for your healing power over Max and me. He needs to know he’s now loved after the abuse he suffered for so long. Please give me the strength to keep my patience w him at all times, in Jesus name we pray, Amen

Mort Hughes My prayer is that people get back to using the faith in scripture and take responsibility for their actions. Stop blaming everyone else for your sins and lack of FAITH.

Patti Anderson Kollas To be closer to my Lord. For God’s will to those who are sick for healing. For peace and understanding. But most of all to thank HIM for all of my many blessings and that I have today to share HIS word.

Carolyn Biffin I would like prayers for a friend of mine who has a mental illness, just been diagnosed she is devastated. She loves the Lord and needs prayers please

Elaine Johnson I pray today that God will deliver those people in lybia that has been sold off like cattle lord I pray that you deliver Them from thease evil people who are distroying thease people lives for money some body need to do some thing to stop this evil they are treating thease people worst than animals it is a disgrace but an unseen eye is watching every thing and they will soon get a taste of their own medicine they say what goes around comes back around I also pray for my family and my relatives and friends also my church family that God will protect Them from this evil world that we are living in amen

Marla Tessmer My neice. C-section scheduled on Thursday. My daughter pregnant due in January. My grandson Carter. Health finances etc etc etc for all of them and all people in their life’s