"Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)" by Alan Jackson Continues to Remind Us Sobering Tragedy of the 9-11 Attack

Sep 18, 2018

It’s already been 17 years since the September 11 incident in New York City, and yet the scar still remains, among Americans and even among other peoples who desire peace and love throughout the world. Almost 3,000 lost their lives in the tragedy, and hundreds of thousands more had their lives drastically affected.

Still, it is a sobering thought that this nation continues to be resilient in the midst of such tragedies. That resilience and endurance to face hardships are not born within us, but only come from God. As a nation that has deep roots when it comes to our faith, it is only God who can provide us with the strength and comfort we need.

This was what country singer Alan Jackson had in mind when he sang “Where were you” (When the world stopped turning) during the annual academy of country music awards several years ago. It was meant to provide everyone a reminder of what transpired during the 9-11 attack, the lives lost, and sacrifices made.

The emotional tune and simple lyrics were intended to bring back the memories that we will forever hold on to for the rest of our lives. What each of us can do to hold on is continue calling on God, who is the One truly in charge of this blessed land.

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