Who is Jesus in Your Life?

Who is Jesus in Your Life?

Who is Jesus in Your Life?

Dixie Bryant: 

Jesus is my Lord and Savior.

My life would amount to

nothing without Him. He is

all things to me. I praise

him with my whole heart,

mind, and soul. I pray with

thankfulness to Jesus….Amen.

Nena Tolentino:

WonderfulL Lord Jesus Christ

is my Savior, my strength every

The moment, my protector, my 

everything, he always there for 

me and his people, he is my 

healer, my comforter, my light 

in the darkness, I am nothing 

without Jesus Christ the Father

God and Holy Spirit ….Amen

Betty Cooper:

Jesus is my Lord and Savior,

my Everything! He is someone

I could not live or breathe

without, my life would be

nothing without my Lord.

There are not enough words

to say what the Lord means

to me! He is my Life, Love,

and my mighty Savior.

How can people live without

Him in their life…..

What’s your answer?