Who You Are: An Awesome Message To All Men

man Jul 24, 2017

This video is for all men. The speaker encouraged many men with this message.

“Thanks, this stopped me from doing something stupid.”

“Most amazing video i have EVER seen on youtube…god saw bad things in my life and spoked to me through this video. He brought me to this world, school, and THIS video. Thank you, i really needed this as a confidence boost. I really appreciate it for taking YOUR own valuable time to make this video.”

“I am involved in a men’s ministry that is local in the Detroit area but is beginning to spread.  “I am awesome” is what we are all about.   but for me personally,  I have struggled to know who I am as a man.  Lately, since I saw your video, God has used it to remind me of who I am as a man, a husband, a father,  and a friend.   Thank you for your ministry,  be encouraged, God is using you to empower His people to rise above their present circumstances and see His story being played out in their lives.”

“There are many of us that are just like him. However, he has the courage to speak out to the public. Many of us have the same words but are scared to make them public. People like this are amazing and I look up to them.”


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