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Why Does A Loving God Let Us Suffer?

Why Does a Loving God Let Us Suffer?

Have you ever looked at the hard times in your life from this perspective?

Posted by Martinez church of Christ on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It’s easy to praise God when things are good; but much harder when things are bad.Why would God let that happen? After watching this inspirational video, I find the reason…

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  1. Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. He condescended so we can ascend. When He was on the Cross we were on His mind. He went to Calvary took on the sins of the world which includes every detail of our lives…He said IT IS FINISHED and still people reject HIM because to them that is too simple. It is not HIS FAULT it is OUR FAULT

  2. No he Never make us suffer but he let us know the value of the dead end and it’s difficulty still he is at our side helping us not to fall off this is because Jesus loves us so much and I experienced in my life with enormous blessing thank you Lord almighty Amen Amen Jesus Christ Amen Amen

  3. Now when it comes to this crazy Prosperity stuff that we keep Herring I’ve tested this and I’ll tell you I don’t see any anything in it right now of truth that the flock or congregation is supposed to be receiving money I mean I have given money taken things money to seniors and and poor people and all I’ve gotten back and return is Maybe a desk or an opportunity to get a car things like that. But I have not not ever super unnaturally seen birds fly over my backyard and drop envelopes of money I have never seen an angel come to my door with an envelope and I’ve certainly have not seen the supernatural power of always Spirit just fill up my bank account in fact what is actually happened is the opposite and you can take those scriptures that these charismatic preachers use for Prosperity Guru stuff and keep quoting it but I’ll telling you I’ve tried it it

    The flock needs to get more educated and grow and test the spirits of everything and stop focusing on what the pastors are saying the evangelists are saying because a lot of these guys are compromising the word of God and leading the flock down the wrong road they are getting rich but the flock and the congregation if you check around most of them are not getting anything they’re struggling and then they keep giving money and giving money to these rich ass guys and I don’t think that’s what God wants. How many times do we hear them something on tithing and offerings while they’re preaching Prosperity Guru stuff I don’t believe that that’s what the word of God really reflects. So I stopped tithing and doing offerings and I take my money and go directly to the poor and the needy and every time I’ve done that he is given back to me something that I thought about and I’m not nothing super expensive just something I thought about a long time ago and then all the sudden he made the opportunities like for instance I lost a farm table because the people that moved me in here broke it I started giving two seniors and the poor and the Lord kept telling me to go to Goodwill go to Goodwill someone up the Goodwill there’s a farm table I got the farm table and the chairs for 54 bucks. I needed a new car to Christians got together one mentioned that I had a bad situation with the car that I had the guy the other guy was a Christian and he made the proposal to sell it to me for $1,000 even though it was worth more. Another time when I was out there giving I went to another store and I was given a desk for 75 bucks another time and went someplace as I after I was giving and he provided me or roll top desk that I’ve always wanted to have since I was a kid that’s the way I have seen him move and work. And so when I’m out there either at work or wherever I listen to here who was in need and not too long ago so many need a battery for their car somebody else needed stuff for their baby and so I just stepped up to the plate and gave and most of the time I don’t tell people who I am and don’t want any attention to it because it’s between me and God. And He does bless us back but taking your money giving it to the church so that they can pay their electricity or they can pay for their kids to be in Christian school or that they can get money so they can go on vacations and they can have their cars there this there that at the expense of the flock look around at your flock people in the congregation a lot of those people half those pastors don’t know who they are they don’t know nothing about what they’re willing to take their money I don’t think that’s what God wants. Church is nothing more than a gathering of people in his name look how big these churches are getting I don’t want to be a part of that I’d rather be used on a small scale and go out and do and give them to be apart is something that’s compromising and doing something wrong

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