Kelley Stuckey, a Christian entrepreneur and an advocate for disabled individuals, lost her husband Zac in a motorcycle accident, but her faith to God is so strong. She won’t give Satan any chance to damage her family after the tragedy.

Zac and Kelly Stuckey are Arkansas natives. They own Crown Beauty Bar and are parents to Everett, a 3-year-old boy suffering from Achondroplasia which is commonly known as dwarfism. Kelley posted the unfortunate news on her Instagram about losing her husband on his 41st birthday. A box truck collided with Zac’s vehicle only several blocks away from their home, and he died at the accident scene.

Kelley wrote on her IG that her husband is home with Jesus on his birthday. She also wrote: “My flesh is grieving in despair, but my spirit is covered in the presence of God. Please don’t stop praying for us, for Everett.” She said the love shared for their family will always be remembered and will respond to all messages they receive.

Kelley wrote another IG post that she was “carried by the spirit” on her 37th birthday. She mentioned she asked the Lord for a new vision at the cross street where the accident occurred, and God gave her the eyes to know that Zac has risen to heaven. Kelley quotes 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14: “Everything is different in light of the Gospel.” She also said that “the body of Christ is alive and powerful.” Her family and friends continually provide support, such as providing them meals and helping them with their business.

Kelly boldly declared in her IG post, “Satan, you took a big blow, but you are being stomped on. Jesus already defeated you in eternity…” Kelley’s name means “warrior” and she will battle all their troubles with praise.

In another IG post, the widow encouraged other people to let God into their life because we have this longing for Jesus.

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What is a common misconception about dwarfism? Dwarfism is only hereditary… FALSE! Actually dwarfism occurs 80% of the time to average height parents with no prior history! It is caused by a spontaneous genetic mutation that any couple has the same potential of occurrence. Achondroplasia, the form Everett has, is the most common type. Now that Everett has the gene, there is a chance he will pass it along to his children, but he also has the potential of having average height children. Welcome to my #raisinglittleworldchangers loop. We are devoted to spreading awareness and sharing the love we have for our sweet babes, while fostering encouragement and support for one another. Each week we will try to answer a new question about our life and experience with our kids with different needs and abilities. To follow the loop, tap the photo and follow the link to the next awesome image until you make your way back here! Also, we would love to have more friends join us! DM me if you are interested! • • Next up is: @ourfiveringcircus #theluckyfewcrew #achondroplasia #shouttheirworth #dwarfismawareness #morealikethandifferent #everettprice

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Becca Russell Brisiel, a family friend, has raised money on GoFundMe to help the Stuckey’s and they got more than $61,000. Becca said Zac is a devoted family man and a believer, and she asked people to pray continuously for this family.