People come and go, they say that if someone leaves, there’s someone better who will fill the empty space which has been left.

This is a story of Matt Logelin and Liz, an aspiring couple who were tested by both time and distance in their relationship. The couple then again had the opportunity to be with one another, Matt didn’t waste this chance and took the opportunity to have their marriage.

Everyone dream of having a family. Liz got pregnant, and they’ve turned into blogging so as to update their friends and families on what is happening during her pregnancy period. The fruitful marriage gave them their daughter, Madeline. Only the proud father had got to see their daughter, the wife though the one who gave birth didn’t have the opportunity until a day after.

Things are working out perfectly not until the day after Liz gave birth to the child. After Liz had a chance to see her daughter, she fainted and that was it, Liz was gone. A blood clot from her lungs got her life. This was an overwhelming outcome for Matt realizing that after receiving so much joy because of his daughter’s birth, it was canceled off by his wife’s death.

Matt kept his memories with his wife and push along the road with her daughter – but he was not alone. He continued to post and update his wife’s blog and unexpectedly, people from all over the world came to see his post every now and then giving him support on his struggles and bits of advice on how to raise the child. God doesn’t give anyone trials that they cannot handle. Matt was not left alone, he had their daughter, a complete resemblance of his wife, and thousands of people online to support him.

Sometimes, we feel alone just like what Matt felt. But God didn’t put us here if we can’t get through. He will lead our path. He will bring the light. And it is our choice if we will only put our heads down, chained in sadness, or if we will stand up, walk, and face another day with God on our side.