In the journey of faith, what touches our heart the most and makes us cry is the love of God. This is a true story of a woman who heard God’s voice and was moved by His love.

The three-minute video clip shows a woman running an errand when she suddenly came across a homeless man outside a grocery store. He was sitting on a bench trying to get warm on a cold breezy day.

When we see a homeless man out there in the cold, our first instinct is to help in whatever small way possible. Be it a cup of hot beverage or a little food for the stomach. God is love and true love is from God. When the woman wanted to help the homeless man, the holy spirit worked through her.

She thought that the man needed protein to keep warm, so she was about to buy some fried chicken.

At this time, God spoke to her in a gentle voice. God said, “He loves bananas.” But she could not believe it is the voice from God and argued with the voice. She thought the man need protein to sustain the cold.

But God told her, “No, I didn’t ask you to get him chicken.” Finally, the woman obeyed the voice.

After checking out the counter, she went to the homeless man. She discovered that God already prepared another lady who bought fried chicken to the homeless man.

The woman cried and said, “I am so thankful that God spoke this way to me today.” She encouraged everyone to listen and trust the gentle voice that comes from God.

“He is alive, he is well, he loves you and wants to speak to you like you’ve never been spoken to and he wants to love you like you’ve never been loved.”