Kahealani Paradis has one big dream. She wants to buy a new house but not for herself. Kahealani wants to buy her grandparents a new home for many years, and she finally made them happy.

Kahealani’s grandparents are Hawaiians, and like the generations before them, they never experienced living with running water or electricity. They care for heritage, family, and living in their homeland. Her grandparents are living a contented life, but she still wants to improve their living.

She elaborated her sentiments on social media: “They persevered through hardships & never complained about what they didn’t have. They’ve done so much for so many people & never expect anything in return. They’ve sacrificed so much for me and raised me to know that it is always better to give than to receive. It ain’t all about the money in your pocket, but about sticking together as a family & loving each other unconditionally. I will never be able to truly express my gratitude & love for them because it’s infinite, but I will spend my life trying!”

Kahealani has planned on buying her grandparents a house in secret. She found an affordable two-bedroom residence on the lovely and beautiful Big Island.

Kahealani and her husband had withdrawn their retirement fund so they can buy the house. It’s a big sacrifice for the couple because they’ve saved and invested money for a long time, but it’s a worthy purchase. Seeing her grandparents love what they bought is more than enough for them.

She recorded the experience on video camera. She recorded their car trip to the house they’ve bought until the moment they revealed the news to her grandparents. Her grandmother almost broke into tears upon hearing the news. They hugged and kissed one another in celebration of the moment.

Kahealani said, “So I think it’s time that you guys get back something for all the years that you guys took care of people. For all the years that you guys help everybody else, it’s time for you guys to get something back.”