World Series Star Jose Altuve Credits God For His Successful Career

World Series Star Jose Altuve Credits God For His Successful Career

Houston Astros slugger Jose Altuve was instrumental in his team’s road to the World Series. Even though they lost the best-of-seven series to the Washington Nationals, Altuve says that he can’t thank God enough for helping him get to where he is.

“I thank God for everything because he’s real. It’s hard to believe that like what you dreamed as a kid is real life now,” said Altuve, as he spoke to CBN. The 5’6″ slugger feels that divine intervention definitely helped him become a successful Major League Baseball player despite his small stature.

Not only is Altuve playing in the MLB, but he has also proven to be one of the most important assets on the Astros lineup. On their way to the World Series, Altuve hit a walk-off home run in Game 6 of the ALCS to defeat the Yankees.

“Running around the bases, the only thing I was thinking was thanking God and just thinking that we’re going to the World Series once again,” he said, as he recalled the precious moment.

When he was young, Altuve was told on multiple occasions that he was too small to play baseball. After all, the average height of a pro baseball player is 6 feet. Nevertheless, Altuve continued playing and never let his faith waver. Soon, baseball scouts took notice of the young man who was determined to achieve his dream.

“I really wanted to do it, and if God gives me the ability to play, it was because he wanted me to go all the way through,” he said. Because of his stature, Altuve earned the nickname “Little Giant.” Even though he is significantly smaller than his peers, he makes his presence felt on the field. Of course, not everyone is on his side. When faced with detractors, Altuve turns to prayer.

“Before I leave my house every single day, I ask God for health for my family and for me,” he said. “And then when I’m about to play the game I just pray and I ask God to keep every single player and every single people on the stands healthy and that we just can go there and compete in a good way.”

In 2017, Altuve was part of the team that won the first-ever World Series championship title for the Astros. This year, they had an opportunity to win their second World Series championship in three years. Unfortunately for them, the Nationals made a strong comeback from being 3-2 down. They tied the series on Tuesday night and took it all the way home on Thursday.

Nevertheless, Altuve is a man full of faith and he will be looking forward to another opportunity to win the title next year.

“My faith in him and my love for him is just to not worry about just little things. It’s just to worry about my faith in him and that way he’s going to put in order everything around me,” he concluded.