JESUS remains the answer to all life issues. HE remains glorified. JESUS is the only way to peace… Praise the lord,this man has really understand how Jesus work. Jesus will never refuse such a call, that’s why he came to this earth for to live and die for us, all he is waiting that we give him permission.What amaze me with Jesus, after creating us,he die for us yet he wont force us to have him in our life, he is such a gentleman that he will stand at the door of our heart and he will knock if we open he door then he will come in and he will do the washing and the cleaning in us what a loving savior we have so just go to him the way you are because without him we cant do nothing only him living in us the hope of glory can bring some real changes in us and give us the peace that we need….try him you will never regret it.He love you more than any parent friend boy friend or girlfriend can love you give him a chance to demonstrate his love to you you will be so bless.