How do you get over the death of a loved one? The grieving process takes years and the acceptance even longer for some. For Tamara Bennett, pastor of This is Pentecost Fellowship Ministries Church in South Sacramento, the death of her husband completely left her heartbroken and uncertain of her future. But God works in mysterious ways just like how he helped Tamara move on with her life and meet her future spouse.

Tamara’s hope for a long-lasting blissful marriage came crashing down when she heard the doctor diagnose her husband with AIDS. She didn’t think she would spend the remaining five years of her 13-year marriage taking care of her dying spouse.

But God never abandoned Tamara and her family in the most difficult time of their lives. Even after her husband passed away, God continued to watch over her and plan her future, one that she didn’t expect to find miles away from home.

Tamara took up bike riding as a means to keep herself physically and emotionally healthy. She rode long miles and found this restaurant called Rio City Café, where she decided to try the fish delicacy. She enjoyed it so much that convinced her to visit the restaurant several times.

Tamara met the chef, whom she found comfortable to talk with just about anything. The man developed a strong connection with her, so much so, that he blurted out one time that she is his wife. Tamara has since ruled out marriage after her husband died but decided to test the man’s resolve in wooing her. She asked him to seek God’s help if he wants to be with her.

The man eventually proved his worth to Tamara as a man of faith by regularly attending the church. She also saw how serious he was in his pursuit to get her. Today they live as true testaments of God’s fruitful plan. They live a happy married life with their four kids and. Tamara is still ministering This Is Pentecost church.

Tamara’s life story is definitely inspiring and one that can be turned into a movie. Her story is proof that God is fair to everyone and that he never abandons his children. He always listens to everyone’s prayers and answers them in ways he knows how.

Tamara is a strong woman who rose from despair to embrace life’s challenges with God as her guide. Her story is a reminder that we shouldn’t lose hope and that the best solace in times of hardships is through a commune with God.