It is clear in the bible that the Holy Spirit had given us spiritual gifts that we can use. We know it through the Bible. But it is different and much more surreal when we see living testimonies of people with these gifts.

One of these gifted people is an 8-year-old girl named Jordan Cook. She shocked her mom when she started painting at the age of 2! In the interview with Sid Roth in the show It’s Supernatural, Jordan’s first artwork was revealed. It was a colorful painting of a hand with a red heart exactly where Jesus’ wound from the crucifixion would be. She said that it was God’s love for us and that we should have this kind of love too.

Another painting that she showed was of her mom worshiping God. She revealed how Jesus had talked to her in her 7th birthday, asking her what she wanted. Seven-year-old Jordan immediately answered that she wanted healing for her mom who at that time was struggling with a virus with only 2% success rate. After Jesus said it’s done and a visit to the doctor, they discovered that Jordan’s mom experienced great miraculous healing.

Throughout the interview, Jordan revealed more of her artwork and the prophecy or the background of each of her works. It is amazing to see Jesus using a little girl to sweep the world and prophesy of His great works.

At the end of the video, Jordan releases a prayer for the sick and declares healing for several people. We have a powerful Jesus, a Jesus who heals the sick and raises the dead. Jordan is one of the many people that God uses to reveal His power.

We have to remember that each of us has been given a gift from God and we have to use this for the expansion of His kingdom.

Watch Jordan’s interview with Sid Roth below!