Lifestyle13-Year-Old Boy Survived A Lightning Strike Gives All the Credit to God

13-Year-Old Boy Survived A Lightning Strike Gives All the Credit to God

A 13-year-old boy was struck by lightning in an El Mirage park survived and gives all the glory back to God!

“…if it weren’t for Him, like, I’d be dead.”, said this teenage boy from Arizona. Josiah Wiedman was walking in the park with one of his friends when suddenly a lightning struck them. Both of them fell to the ground. His friend gained consciousness in a minute but Josiah laid lifeless until someone came to perform CPR which eventually brought him back to life.

He was rushed into the hospital but the initial report says that Josiah was not going to survive. He was put in a medically induced coma for 3 days and eventually he woke up telling the tale. Josiah recalled what happened and he said, “I felt like this burst of like heat and everything went dark”

Doctors say that the amount of electricity he received from the lightning struck was enough to stop his heart. However, everyone was amazed on how the boys survived, especially Josiah whose heart stopped for about 15 minutes. How Josiah survived was really unexplainable.

 “I can’t exactly explain why he doesn’t have any outside burns, but it is fairly consistent with a lightning strike,” Dr. Craig Egan at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital said. “Fortunately, the amount of electricity passing through muscles and heart wasn’t enough to cause lasting damage.”

If it the CPR wasn’t performed immediately, Josiah wouldn’t have survived. However, during his interview, Josiah said, “Shout out to God because if it weren’t for Him, like, I’d be dead. Like, it was all miracle.” 

It was amazing how Josiah gives all the glory to God. He did not give credit to anyone but to God alone. His perspective was really admirable. He even said, “I feel like Superman right now!” 

Josiah has recovered and even said that he will “Try to live my life a bit more ’cause I know it can end anytime now.”

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