40 Days For Life Prayers Help Save 738 Unborn Babies From Abortion

Pregnant women with the intent to have their unborn children aborted were compelled to stop and think twice about their plan following an encounter with Christian men and women who prayed ceaselessly for the end of abortion.

Volunteers for 40 Days for Life braved the rain, the cold, and the heat just to get their prayers across to the hundreds of women thinking about aborting their babies. Some got down on their knees to pray while others stood and seated as they gathered outside abortion clinics to participate in the annual campaign.


The recent 40 Days of Life, which ran from Sept.25-Nov.3, saw volunteers involved in peaceful vigils, prayer,  and fasting. It was the largest year in the history of 40 Days for Life, according to president and CEO Shawn Carney.

According to a report from the organization, over 700 unborn babies were saved and five workers “walked away from the abortion industry after becoming pro-life. Former Planned Parenthood manager and current outreach director for 40 Days for Life, Sue Thayer, said all lives are important. “Even if it was just one baby saved.” Last year, the organization conquered an astonishing feat and saved over 14,000 unborn babies from abortion.


The greatest weapon amid the peaceful demonstration is the volunteers’ prayers. As early as 5:00 a.m. they stood praying outside abortion clinics. In Fort Pierce, Fla. a woman expecting twins walked away from the clinic after she was given a care package and informed of available support systems.

“Thank God for her courage protecting the lives of her two babies. Please pray that God will bless her with a healthy delivery in March,” Laurie, who co-leads the campaign said.

Meanwhile, a woman received more than a hug from the 40 Days for Life volunteers after she stopped by a Planned Parenthood clinic. Volunteers took her to a pregnancy help center after they learned that she is pregnant with her fourth child and that her husband had just left her.

“I tried to come here to schedule an abortion appointment twice. When I walked in, you said, ‘I’m praying for you and your baby.’ That made me come out,” the woman told a volunteer.

Another woman testified to the power of prayer. She said she had wanted to abort her baby last year but there were people praying outside the abortion clinic who changed her mind. She said 40 Days for Life is doing the right thing and she could not be happier to have her baby with her now.

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