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Father Asks 7-Year-Old Boy to Be Best Man Without Knowing He Would Speak Truth and Leave Guests in Tears

Planning a marriage is not that easy especially when you don’t have the manpower during the preparation process. From the date, venue, the food that will be serve to the guests up to the decorations and all that, everything should be done accordingly. The maid of honor and the best man are two important people during the wedding ceremony. It could be a brother or sister, relative or most of the time the bride and groom’s best friend.

Nick and Lauren is celebrating the success of their love story and is now getting ready for married life. Nick decided to gave his 7-year-old son the role of being the best man. A speech is expected from the best man and Vincent has prepared for it. When his attention was called, there’s no sense of nervousness that is seen on his face. He just took the microphone and immediately went at the center getting ready for his speech.

Vincent was so funny and he was so true with his words during the speech. He was so honest of what he wanted to say to his dad including his wish for the newly wed couple. Nick and Lauren couldn’t hold their tears especially when Vincent said that his dad is a superhero to him. A superhero needs a sidekick and that’s him, but a superhero also needs a pretty girl by his side and that’s Lauren. Vincent’s message was from the bottom of his heart and it moved every one who is there listening during that time. Check out the video below and listen to Vincent’s speech as you find yourself in tears.

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