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A Group Surprised People with 70’s Rock N Roll Hit! People in Market Started to Sing All Together!

The feeling of happiness is infectious. If you treat people showing them how happy you are for the life that God has given you, they may also realize the importance of life and how good the Lord is in creating us. Let others feel that you’re happy that they may get infected and feel the happiness in their hearts as well.

SWR1 visited the market and started playing different instruments singing Stairway to Heaven. The people on the streets were surprised when they heard those instruments that they played. All of them were enjoying the song Stairway to Heaven. It was just a normal day at the market but it turned out to be something special and fun that people are smiling with each other even if faces are unfamiliar to them.

True happiness in life can only be seen in simple things that can bring you joy. It is not seen on material things that you have in life or the state of living that you achieved. The real happiness is in God alone. Happiness that never fades and the joy that could stay in your heart forever. God has blessed as an abundant life and blessings will overflow so long as we abide in His words.

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