Bullied 9-Year-Old Boy Invites Policeman to Birthday Party, He Arrives and Found Nobody Else Showed up for Him

Bullying can negatively impact one’s mental health and well-being and sad to say that it is happening mostly in school. It is up to the adults to teach the kids how to treat other people with respect and how to give a helping hand to someone in need.

A police officer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Officer Lynema, proved that humanity still exists. Thomas Daniel missed his school bus one morning and has no choice but to walk to school. Fortunately, Officer Lynema saw Daniel and offered him a ride.

Credit: Grand Rapids Police Department

During the trip, Daniel told the officer that he will be celebrating his birthday party that day and wanted him to come as well. He said also he was a victim of bullying and he’s afraid because of that, no one might come to his party. Upon hearing his story, Officer Lynema promised the boy he will be there to attend the party and he did not break his promise. Unfortunately, he saw that Daniel was right, no one was there but his family members.

What the officer did next is truly amazing. He went to Daniel’s house the next day together with his friends from the precinct and brought cake and some presents for the birthday boy. They even sang him a song. Daniel said it was by far, his most memorable birthday ever.

Watch the video below to see how amazing Officer Lynema is:

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