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Christian Magician Dustin Wins AGT Season 16, $1 Million, Sharing His Mission to Bring People to Church

God has been good to Dustin Tavella. The talented Christian magician was hailed as the grand winner of America’s Got Talent Season 16.

Along with the recognition, he won $1 million and is headlining a show in Las Vegas and is now the owner of a new car. Dustin Tavella won the competition in a vote that was the closest in the show’s 16-year history. The winner was decided by a vote from the viewing audience.

Tavella, 35, uses his storytelling and magic talents to share personal memories from his life experiences, such as adopting two sons, his parents’ relationship, and his passion for giving back.

In his final trick of the season, Tavella encouraged the audience to be generous, saying that a “small act of kindness can go a long way.”

This is why part of his mission is to use the money he won to help others. He said, “It’s weird — it is the part I’ve been the least excited about, just because the idea of having a platform to share our stories and connect with people is just amazing.”

“When I get to celebrate the principles of God, when I get to celebrate the things that God’s done in our lives, … to me, is the main thing that we want to do,” Tavella said.

He used to run a homeless ministry where they had plenty of sacrifices. He said, “We used to run a homeless ministry. We’ve just always poured all of our resources and everything that we’ve had out to people. And because of that, we’ve had people pouring into us.”

Tavella and his family want to empower people and serve as a link between the church and the non-church community. They want to bring people who have never been to church into the church, as well as bring those who have been to church outside of its walls.

“I think … We can impact lives even with nothing. We can give ourselves to people and that’s really what makes the biggest difference in the world,” he ended.

Jesus said to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all the things we desire and dream of will be given to us. This is what the perseverance and hard work Tavella has put in which is why God blessed him to win an immeasurable blessing.

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