LifestyleHeat-Warming 'Slow Down' by Nichole Nordeman: The Parents' Song to Their Children

Heat-Warming ‘Slow Down’ by Nichole Nordeman: The Parents’ Song to Their Children

‘Slow Down’ by Nichole Nordeman is the song of every parent for their children. You may be a teenager enjoying life, or maybe someone who’s in the point of trying to chase your dreams or someone who’s getting ready for marriage, this song will surely remind you of all the love and sacrifices that your parents have for you. I don’t know where you are in your life right now but this song will remind you to slow down and appreciate your Mom and Dad whose lives slowed down the moment that you came into their life. After watching this video, be sure to give your Mom and Dad a big hug!

We all have dreams, goals, and plans for our future. Some want to get married and have their own family. Some want to be someone someday. Some want to travel the world and enjoy everything that it has to offer. We all have dreams and every day we move an inch closer to those dreams. However, let us not forget those people who helped us stand up and guided us as we took our first steps—our Mom and our Dad.

This song gives us the lens to see the things that our parents are going through as we go on with our lives. Oh, how their hearts jump for joy every time we achieve something! And Oh, how they wanted to slow things down the moment that we start living our lives independently, slowly taking them out of the picture! Of course, they wanted us to pursue those dreams and to live our lives. In fact, they are the first people who cheer for us and the first people who lift us up the moment that we fall. But this song reminds us that we should, even for once, slow down.

Sometimes we get to busy with our lives that we forgot to look back to the ones who always got our back. Sometimes we got too busy achieving our dreams that we tend to forget the ones who taught us how to dream. Sometimes we wanted to just soar high that we tend to forget those people who taught us how to fly. We are too caught up with life that we forget that we are their life. So slow down for a moment and remember those people, remember Mom and Dad.

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