Homeless Teen Reunites With Birth Sister, But That’s Not The Best Part

Seth Miller was a homeless teenager who felt alone and angsty. Being alone most of his life, he felt like he was the unluckiest human being on Earth.

Unlike other kids, Seth is an orphan and had to go through the painful memories of hurtful adoption. He spent his teenage years in unstable conditions in foster homes.

Everything around me was pretty much empty,” he said in an interview.

Then the day came when he turned 18, and the foster care system had to evict him as he reached legal age.

Having nowhere to turn to, the teenager endured his homeless conditions living in a car. Still, he nourished that dream to belong to a family.

Seth Miller’s story perked the media’s interest, particularly News8, which further increased public sympathy.

Miller’s court-appointed special advocate helped him and tried to talk to Robert and Ara Hunt, the kind couple who adopted Seth’s biological sister, to consider welcoming Seth into their family.

After reflecting on the matter, Robert and Ara finally agreed on a special meeting involving their daughter, Shyann, to meet her long-lost brother.

Homeless teen finds sister but that’s not the best part: USA Today: Nov 2014

Shyann and Seth were separated since they were kids. Shyann grew up not knowing that she had a brother! The meeting was emotional as the estranged siblings finally met.

The heavens granted Seth’s deepest desires. Ara and Robert Hunt welcomed Seth, an addition to their growing family of two daughters, a son, and other adult children still living with them.

During the transition, the family showered him with lots of surprises, inviting him over to family outings to reassure him that he is in good hands.

“I’ve had to tell him many times, ‘I’m sorry for not finding you sooner. I wish I had. I wish I knew about you, because I would have gotten you the minute you were born,” Ara Hunt shared in an interview.

A wonderful thing happened during the family’s Thanksgiving party. Seth softened, cried a lot, and finally felt that he belong.

After a year of staying with the Hunts, Ara and Robert gathered around the Collin Country courtroom to legalize the adoption process for Seth.

Robert and Ara welcomed Seth with open arms. “From the first time I saw the interview, I knew he was a part of our family. We’re just doing this to make it legal. He’s our son,” Robert told the judge.

Since that day, Seth changed his name from Logan, which means ‘strength.’ He also took his new surname Logan in honor of his new parents.

Logan Hunt’s story is inspiring as it rarely happens that someone who grew out of the foster care system had the chance to find a new home.

It was undoubtedly a wish-fulfillment and life-changing event for 19-year old Logan.

“It feels awesome. Like I’m at peace,” Logan said.

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