I Saw Jesus’ Image Form From Dust And He Spoke To Me

I remember how Jesus intervened during a low point in my life. I was out of job (having been in jail for weeks) and returning to work too drunk) and I was beginning to feel hopeless. Then one day I meet my friend Jordan, who is a Christian, at Walmart and I asked him to pray for me.

“Hey man, will you pray for me? Like I don’t have a job and I told him my story. He was like yeah dude I’ll pray.”

Surprisingly, Jordan called me a week after and offered me a job to work as a right-hand man for construction work on his house. At first I didn’t think of it as anything to do with God and Christianity. I didn’t think of it as God’s work but thought of it as me just being lucky.

Then one day I got invited to go to a Christian fellowship in Midland, Michigan called the Invasion. The people I work with, they are all Christians, they encouraged me to join them. I’ve never been to a worship service or anything like that or a gathering. I just went to church on Sundays or you know whenever I could make it, whenever  I wasn’t hungover.

I remember having a good time at the fellowship and asking God to have a personal relationship with me. I sought him out since I wanted to have a personal encounter with him. I had my eyes closed and my hands raised and I felt his presence.

I didn’t really think much of how the three-day worship affected me until I heard it from my father. He told me that I seem different. God spoke to me even while I’m working at the farm with my dad I listen to Lecrae and no longer listen to hip-hop. I started having a relationship with Christ and was growing close to him.

I noticed too how my attitude was changing and just everything about me was changing. I knew that I was a sinner and I was saved through faith. Then a couple of months after I experienced Christ’s presence in my life again. It was when I started having anxiety and panic attacks. I was also having sleep paralysis.

Then one day I had it so bad in the middle of work and I called out to God. I asked him to help me because I felt that I was going to die. I prayed with all my heart for Jesus to help me. I was crying out to God and asking Him to show me that he’s there. I was shaking so bad.

Then all of a sudden I saw a miracle. Believe it or not but the grinding dust I was working on formed into a picture of Jesus. Suddenly I felt feel his presence. I saw Jesus’ eyes looking straight into my soul and it gave me so much peace. Now my wife and I are born-again believers and I can attest that Jesus paved the way for me to have a Christian life.


My encounter with jesus christ!!!

I encountered jesus when I was going through a tough time in life. Excuse me I was working lol. Hope this can encourage someone!

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