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John Crist Brings His Date to Church, Watch What Happened and How Do You Think about It

We usually bring our dates to movies, grab something to drink or maybe in a fine dining restaurant. But have you ever had a date at the church? Isn’t it awkward to ask somebody to a church service when you don’t even know their religious practice is? Well, your beliefs may differ at some point but as long as you believe in God, then I guess nothing’s wrong with it. Listening to sermons needs total focus in order for you to understand the message sent by God. If you take your date in the church, will you be able to give attention to practicing your faith?

John Crist is a Christian comedian and a viral sensation who would always bring fun to his listeners. He speaks well that you will surely learn something out of it while you’re laughing because of his realistic illustrations. His videos go viral on the internet and he’s now the next big thing in stand up comedy. He posted a video of him taking a date to church. The video showed John and Beth Pilgreen having a lot of thoughts while attending the church service. They couldn’t even focus on the sermon because all they were thinking is the real score of their date!

Attending church is offering 100% of your time to listen to the word of God. This is the day that you present yourself to God after the long week of hustling. The day that you need to free your mind from everything that you need to take care of because this day is a special day to serve the Lord! Taking somebody you like in a church service is appreciated by God because it’s one way of sharing the gospel and this makes God happy. But if you take a date at the church and just think about him or her the whole time, then better not do it because our God is a jealous God. Put everything into places and put God first above anything else.

Click play and reflect on the message that the video wants to tell you. Don’t miss out the fun!

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