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Jon Dorenbos Discovered Serious Heart Problem, Incredible Story Tells Everyone About God’s Plan In Your Life

Everyone tries to work out things to achieve their goals in life. We push too much in order for us to reach our targets and make sure that we get positive results. Since we were young, we already know what we wanted to be when we grow up as an adult. We accomplish things in school, get a diploma and make sure to get a good paying job as a stepping stone of our career. All of these things that we do is for us to have a comfortable and easy life someday.

Jon Dorenbos is a known football player from Philadelphia Eagles which was transferred to New Orleans Saints. Since Jon was traded into a new team, part of the process is to have a complete physical check-up. Jon knows to himself that he is fit enough to play the game but just for formality, he really needs to undergo the process. The result of the physical examination didn’t go well and Jon was shocked knowing that he has a serious heart problem. Jon’s aorta or the main artery of his heart has increased its size 3 times larger than the normal size.

Jon was disappointed about this devastating news and because of this, the doctor ordered him to stop playing football. His condition is serious and a single hit on the chest can cause him death. Jon’s illness is the end of his career but he still believes that God is working in his life. His wife and his family are there to support all his needs and he is surrounded by people who show love and takes good care of him. There are times in life that we fail to achieve our ultimate goal but remember one thing, God sees our pain and He has better plans for us. A better plan to give us hope and a good future.

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