For KING & COUNTRY Shares Secret For A Successful Marriage Through Song, Wives Joined!

Marriage is a lifelong relationship with God in the middle of it. A wedding is one of the most memorable and cherished moments in the life of a person. Going into marriage is a much bigger responsibility than what you think it is. This is the moment that you choose the person that you wanna be with and the start of a long journey, the road to forever.

For King & Country’s vocalists Joel and Luke, the popular duo nailed it with their song Pioneers that talks about marriage with God being the center of the relationship. It was made special because of the voices of their wives Moriah and Courtney. These couples are awesome with their perfect blend and harmony. King & Country is a Christian pop duo composed of the Australian brothers. The songwriters describe them as Australia’s answer to Coldplay.

Consider all aspect before you decide to get married because marriage is a serious and lifelong relationship. This is a holy sacrament blessed by God and having Jesus as the center of your relationship gives strength and courage for couples to survive all obstacles in life. Listen to the song as for King & Country together with the love of their life serenades your heart!