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I Saw Jesus, He Said “I’m Coming Back Soon” Earthquake Taking Place – Rapture Dream

My first dream was where I first saw destruction there was fire and destruction everywhere, and a voice told me nuclear war, and then the next thing I saw was a great earthquake and I rift of course was opening up in the earth, it was greater than anything that ever seen the the ground, it was just like like liquid and it was burying everything and I like I think of course was my three-year-old at the time and of course my wife, and I was concerned for them, and a voice came to me they’ve been raptured and then I looked up in the sky and then I saw the Lord some details are a little bit hazy, but the biggest thing is I remember seeing a great golden light in the outline of God outline of Jesus, and he told me that we have to repent we have to repent, I’m coming soon I’m coming soon.

In the second dream, I dreamed again as a golden light I didn’t see Jesus does a golden light in my dream, he said I’m coming soon I’m coming soon the feeling that I had in the dreams it was just overwhelming, it was full of love and warmth and peace, it’s just it’s very difficult if you’ve never experienced that kind of peace to describe the kind of love that I felt in these dreams, but I wanted to tell everyone that God loves you God sent His only Son to for us, all I have to do is call on his name and we will be saved.

We have to repent that’s the most important message that and accept in Christ as your Savior. I feel like the Holy Spirit within me is telling me to tell the world especially right now, these are our last minutes these are our last hours I want everyone to know it’s very very important that we turn our lives over to God, we’ve got to come closer to God, we don’t want to be left behind. Great Tribulation is coming to this world, God loves us, he does not want us to condemn ourselves to hell, anyway I love you, I love everyone, I just wanted you to know that I felt like this message needed to be passed on try to spread the word while we still have time because the time is very short I feel like. God bless.

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