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Meredith Andrews Nailed Her Performance With A Beautiful Song “Faith And Wonder” Featuring Cody Ray Lee & Abbie Simmons

There are times that we feel hopeless and it seems like the whole world is against us. Our body gets weak and even our soul is poor in Spirit. We find the strength to anything that surrounds us without realizing that the true source of hope is Jesus Christ. Part of our Christian life is the temptations that will come along the way. We will be tested until the end of time and we need to make sure we have a firm foundation of our faith in God. Jesus is the only hope and He alone can do everything possible. Guard your heart and trust Jesus because He alone can give the desire of your heart.

Meredith Andrews is a contemporary Christian music artist who offered her heart in singing praises to God. She’s a songwriter and worship leader with a sweet beautiful voice which is truly a gift from God. Meredith has won two Dove Awards because of her incredible talent in singing. Meredith was born and raised in Wilson, North Carolina and became a member of Vertical Church Band. Her gift of singing was truly a precious gift from God and she made sure that her voice will be used in Christ’s ministry.

Now Meredith is belting out an amazing gospel song entitled “Faith And Wonder” featuring two famous singers Cody Ray Lee and Abbie Simmons. The beautiful song declares God’s great message to men telling everyone to strengthen their faith to God who is able to supply all their needs and save us from any form of danger. Check the video below and don’t forget to click the play button. Be inspired of Meredith Andrews’ live performance featuring Cody Ray Lee and Abbie Simmons. Reflect on the message of the song and you will surely have a lot of realizations in life.

Meredith Andrews – Faith and Wonder (feat. Cody Ray Lee & Abbie Simmons) [Live]
Click here to stream/download “Faith And Wonder (Live)” and be sure to pre-order ‘Faith and Wonder (Live)’ – Subscribe and follow Meredith Andrews at: For Worship Leader resources please visit: Verse 1 This name that shakes the mountain tops The only word that breaks

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