LifestyleNeedtobreathe Found Perfect Place On The Showers, Rocking It With Song “Darling”

Needtobreathe Found Perfect Place On The Showers, Rocking It With Song “Darling”

Life is a roller coaster and full of surprises. We meet different personalities along the way and we even learn from them. Some people who’ve been part of our lives are sent by God to send His message to us. Human as we are, we always want to have somebody who will stick with us through thick and thin. Somebody that could be a shoulder for us to lean on. Somebody that we can talk to until we fell asleep. Somebody that we can depend on and walk with us on the journey of life.

Needtobreathe is an American Christian rock band who originated from Seneca, South Carolina. The name of the band is based on a Greek demonstrative parable of Socrates related to seeking God. The group is composed of 4 male singers who are truly gifted with an indescribable voice and bright mind. They have released a total of 6 studio albums up to date. Now they’re rocking the show with their new hit Darling where the group is singing inside a room full of showers. A unique way of singing where vibrations are heard all over the place is beautiful!

Discover the gifts given by God to you and use it for His glory. These guys are blessed with such a unique voice that can inspire people. Their bright idea is something that brings joy to their listeners. Click play and enjoy while these guys show off their talents!

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