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Neil Diamond Left Fans In Tears After Releasing His Recent Piece “Christmas Prayers”

We all love the presence of the Christmas holiday. We spend much of our time preparing for this season of love and joy, the celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Though some of us have bad memories for the previous years of celebrating this holiday, a majority still look into Christmas as a time to be jolly.

Neil Diamond is an American singer, songwriter, musician and also an actor. This man has sold more than 100 million records worldwide and is really blessed for having an extraordinary talent in the music industry. Now he’s back with his last piece entitled “Christmas Prayers” which is suited for the upcoming occasion. Diamond’s piece is one of a kind and has touched the heart of his fans. The message of the song is heart melting and it will surely let us remember the previous holidays that we’ve been through.

The song is dedicated to our loved ones who used to celebrate Christmas with us but now they’re gone. Although we do not see them anymore, their presence and the memories that we shared together with them still remains in our hearts. We reminisce the times that we share food with them on the table and it hurts thinking that we cannot celebrate Christmas with them anymore. But remember the most important message that Christmas brings, it is the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Christmas is a celebration of joy, let happiness fill your heart in this season of love.

Neil Diamond – Christmas Prayers
‘Christmas Prayers’ is a special song written by Neil on his new album, ‘Acoustic Christmas,’ which pays tribute to the loved ones that may no longer be with us this holiday season but are always in our thoughts.

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