TestimoniesOnce She Was A Drinker And Addict, But Now She Has A...

Once She Was A Drinker And Addict, But Now She Has A Totally Different Life Because Of Jesus

Jesus came to me through song and prayer and absolute devastation.He found me. When I felt like was the most unlovable person alive. He came to show me just how very much loved I am.

He is real, I wept at his feet one day when I had a pastor lay hands on me and pray for me. I saw Jesus and from that day I have been living a whole new life. I am celebrating over a year of sobriety as I was quite the drinker and addict. I am married to a loving Christian man and I am free to be Me.

My sins are washed in His blood on the cross and I am finally free of my worldly chains. My soul is saved and I will go to heaven to be with the Lord Our God when I leave this earth. Til then I will follow His ways the best to my ability.” I am no longer a slave to fear , I am a child of God ” and I am loved so deeply and purely by Him.

This is my best gift I’ve ever been given in all of my life. One that I have to share to appreciate. Thank You Lord for my chance at a real life. In Jesus name , I give all my praise to You.

—Lee Anne

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