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God Is Good All The Time:When A Homeless Man Got Clothing From A Social Service, What He Said Must Touch Your Heart.

Several years ago, we had a friend who worked in social services. She told us about a homeless man who’s mother had just died. He had no one or nothing.

It was Christmas time and all he wanted was a pair of shoes and a pair of jeans without holes. So on Sunday morning at church we all brought in our donations for him and filled three boxes.

When she delivered them the next day his eyes filled with tears. He turned to her and asked, “do I have to keep all of this?” She reply, “no Michael, they are yours to do what you want to with. Can I ask why though? ”He said , “I have so many homeless friends by the river, I would very much like to share with them. ”

That launched us into action and an idea was formed. We now run a nonprofit organization called Michael’s World that takes orders for clothing and delivers it to the homes of people who need help at no charge.

We have been doing this for three years and have out grew three buildings and are in our 4th and hopefully last building. The end and final dream is to take this to other churches and communities and teach them how to do this in their areas. When this happens, the dream will become a reality.

With God all things are possible! And God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!


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