Woman Surprised by 107 Roses from Church to Celebrate Her 107th Birthday

Birthdays are special days. They remind us how lucky we are to have survived amidst the struggles we faced in a year. Some people celebrate their birthdays by throwing lavish parties, while others like to keep it low-key and celebrate their natal day with their closest friends and family. 

Others post happy messages on social media and prefer to spend time alone, treating themselves to a sumptuous meal or a relaxing solo date at the mall. 

For Elestine Lawson, it may feel like one of those usual birthdays. But for people around her, reaching one’s 107th is a milestone that only a rare few can achieve. 

Yes. That’s right. The Ohio-based lady had reached her 107th year of existence. Only a few lucky ones can live that long. Thus, a local flower shop wanted to make her day extra special and surprised her with 107 roses! 

The Battiste LaFleur Galleria, a florist shop in Columbia, surprised Elestine and her family by delivering a bouquet consisting of 107 roses that they had received at their doorstep. If we investigate more, we could learn that the surprise was not born out of whim. 

The centenarian learned later on that some members of the church congregation hatched the idea to surprise her.

Want to know her secret in attaining longevity? The Westerville resident shared an essential piece of advice. “Praise the Lord,” she said

Her love and faith in the Almighty kept her alive and kicking. She truly deserves such a beautiful surprise on her birthday for her passionate devotion to the Lord. 

Meanwhile, Helen Ford from Lancaster County, South Carolina, is the oldest living person in the United States, per Gerontology Research Group records. Ford turned 115 years old this year. 

Her actual age is contestable with some of her family members, considering she was born in 1904, a year earlier than her census records show. Despite such inconsistencies, Ford is still without a doubt the oldest living resident in the US. 

 Helen used to work as a farmworker and nanny. Despite being a supercentenarian, she has kept her mind sharp and her memory clear in that she can recite several Bible verses by heart. 

Reports said that women tend to outlive their male counterparts, as shown in longevity surveys. The supercentenarians (or super senior citizens who have reached over 110 years old) in the United States featured in most surveys are women. 

Currently, the average life expectancy in the United States is 78.7 years. The average life expectancy for women is 81.3 and 76.3 for men. 

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