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1 Piano, 4 Pianists and 8 Good Old Worship Songs After Church Service Went Viral!

Listening to our preachers in the church may sound boring to some people. The sweet sound of music that we hear while attending the church service is like a lullaby that can make us sleep. Nothing is more important than listening to the word of God and that we need to pay much attention to it.

Jonathan Montgomery, Natalie Raynes, Tracy Jones and Doug Raynes all from South Carolina had some fun playing the piano after church service. It was an unrehearsed performance that is incredible. The video went viral after it has been posted because of the unique performance and amazing talent that these guys have!

They played 8 different good old worship hymns with their own version which was admired by everybody who saw the video. Knowing Jesus in your life has never been boring ever since. We all need to understand the importance of attending the church service and serving God in different ways. If you think that people in your church are already bored with the regular church service that you have, think of some ways to cheer them up! Serving and praising God is the happiest moment where our hearts should be filled with joy for this is the day that we show God how much we adore Him.

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