4-Year-Old Lets Secret From Home Slip, Teacher Rushes To Make A Phone Call Demanding Answer

Teachers are very important in a child’s life. They educate and care for our children when they are in school, which is a huge part of their time. But, for Nancy Bleur, being a teacher is being a second mother.

The 54-year-old loves her students and does everything in her power to make them feel good. So, when a 4-year-old boy revealed his father’s secret at school, she knew she needed to act.

One day, Nancy realized that Camden, age 4, was not behaving as usual in the classroom. The teacher decided to talk to the boy to see if he was okay. The boy started talking about his father and said something that broke the teacher’s heart.

Nancy called Camden’s father and learned that he has a very serious kidney disease and currently he is on dialysis. The situation was very bad. Nancy knew she had to do something to help the family.