10 year-Old-Boy Taken to Heaven, Told Future Events

10 year old Jeremy had a near drowning experience. He was dead for about 40 minutes. When doctors brought him back to life they said  that he was going to be a vegetable. But Jeremy did not suffer brain damage. He was on life support for five days, but after that he had a full recovery. However, his lungs and heart weren’t functioning normally, and this cause him to pass away three years later, at the age 13.

During this 40 minutes, Jeremy was taken to Heaven and told of difficult times ahead. When he went to Heaven for a final time (passed on), his story was told by his mother. This is a warning shot across the bow…If this is true, we are in the last days… make sure your house is in order! It is not enough to make Jesus your Savior… we must make Him our Lord (and live, to the best of our ability, according to His will for our lives)!

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