Lifestyle3-Year-Old Grabs Mic to Unleash An Amazing Version of The National Anthem...

3-Year-Old Grabs Mic to Unleash An Amazing Version of The National Anthem That Has Crowd Roaring

Drake Grillo, a three-year-old boy, made history at Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome on December 17, 2018, when he sang the National Anthem to an audience of 6,000 people. Although most people associate national anthem singers with well-known performers, Drake proved that age does not limit star power.

Despite the pressure of singing in front of such a large audience, Drake was unfazed. His mother was by his side, but he did not need her support. He was focused on delivering an emotional performance of the patriotic song.

Keeping all the lyrics straight while singing the National Anthem can be a challenging task, even for experienced performers. However, Drake had no trouble with it. With his adorable lisp, he sang each verse as loudly as he could, and the audience was captivated.

As Drake reached the final verse of the National Anthem, the entire audience was beaming with joy. Regardless of whether one is patriotic or not, the little boy’s charming performance is sure to bring a smile to one’s face.

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