4-Year-Old Girl Speaks 7 Languages. How Did She Do This?

Bella Devyatkina, a remarkable preschooler, possesses a skill that leaves many in awe—she can read and speak fluently in seven languages, all before the age most of us learn just one.

Her linguistic journey began with the guidance of her parents. Bella’s mother, a linguist, taught English to children for years, while her father worked at the Radio Research and Development Institute in Moscow. Despite their modest income, they prioritized their daughter’s development.

To ensure Bella’s language proficiency, her parents implemented a strategic approach. They initially focused on English, with her mother alternating between English and Russian conversations daily, strictly avoiding language mixing. French was introduced when Bella was just ten months old, and though she couldn’t speak yet, she could point to objects when referred to them.

Her parents used special cards to teach reading from the age of five months. For instance, they showed Bella the word “hand” in Russian or English, and she would demonstrate her little hand. By the age of one, Bella and her parents had mastered 60 such cards, and she began reading effortlessly at two years old.

Bella’s exceptional linguistic abilities are not her only captivating trait. She possesses a sweet and charming personality, fearlessly stealing the spotlight from host Shane Jacobson. After teaching him how to walk like a princess, Bella proceeds to read his lines from the teleprompter, evoking precious moments and heartfelt smiles from the audience.

Her performance takes viewers on a simulated global journey, where she collects various foods from different vendors on stage, flawlessly mastering German, Russian, English, Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese.

The internet, captivated by Bella’s extraordinary talent and sparkling personality, has showered her video with a staggering 11.5 million views. At just four years old, this little linguistic prodigy continues to astound and inspire people worldwide with her language skills and infectious charm.

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