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7th Avenue Belts Out Powerful Rendition “Ave Maria” In Front Of The Church

Our life is a precious gift from God and it comes along with the voices that we should use as an instrument of faith. There are chosen children of God who are bestowed with powerful and astonishing voices, they’re gifted with the gift of singing. Appreciate what God has given you and make sure to use your voice in singing praises to the Lord and making disciples by sharing the Word of God.

You may have heard a lot of artists who can sing really well at the top of their voice. We have a lot of good singing people in the singing industry. It could be somebody who performs individually or stands as a group. One of the famous group who can really sing and perform well is the 7th Avenue led by Chris Rupp. It is an a capella group with a golden voice and brings good news through their amazing music.

The group stood in front of St. Luke Catholic Church located in Palm Springs, Florida as they belt out their wonderful version of the song “Ave Maria”. Their voices are one of a kind and their performance is indeed spectacular. Anybody who can hear them singing will definitely give a good feedback. Watch this video and be amazed at this group’s dazzling performance!

Ave Maria – Schubert – A Cappella – 7th Ave (Official Video)
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