Bank Kicks Out Old Man; Police Goes To The Rescue Assisting Him To Get The Job Done

Sometimes, the elderly can be a nuisance with their seemingly irrational and crazy behavior that delays transactions in public places.

A Bank of America in Montebello kicked out a 92-year old client after his inability to withdraw funds from his ATM caused him to get frustrated. The elderly client found out that his ID was expired and thus could not dispense his funds. He somehow could not contain his frustration until the bank’s staff members decided to forcefully let him out of the bank and call the local police to alleviate the situation.

Meanwhile, the officer on duty, Officer Robert Josett, took another approach. Instead of arresting the senior client, he drove the guy to the DVM office to renew his license. It took them a few hours, but the police officer waited until finally the elderly got his new ID.

Josett’s heroic action made his department proud. They posted his story online, and expectedly, it won netizens’ hearts, gaining thousands of comments and shares.

Officer Josett is an exemplary policeman. His initial duty is to handle the elderly’s frustration. However, he took the extra mile, helped the elderly, and improved his life.

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