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7th Ave’s Spectacular Version Of An Elvis Presley’s Song Is Truly Astounding! In Warehouse And No Any Digital Effect Even No Instruments!

7th Ave is an A Capella group consist of 4 members namely Chris Rupp, Adam Bastien, Tristin Rupp, and Kelley Jakle. These group of vocalists was brought together and was founded last 2016 by Chris Rupp who is also the founder and musical director of the vocal band Home Free for 15 years. Chris was born and raised in Mankato, MN surrounded with a lot of music influence.

The group is so unique and astonishing that they do not need any instruments or special effects to have a perfect performance. They just sing and perform by themselves using their different range of voices and style. The quartet has a cover of an Elvis Presley song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” where they performed in an empty warehouse and the result was truly a masterpiece.

This is a one of a kind God-given talent that everyone should be thankful of. The perfect pitch and sweet sounding voice of each of the members of 7th Ave result to workmanship and outstanding form of art.

Human beings are created individually blessed with unique talents and abilities to bring glory to God. Show other people how thankful you are for the gift of life. Be a testimony to everyone and let them know how lucky you are to be invested with such talent. Use your gift to spread God’s goodness and humility.

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