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Groom And Guests Wondered If Bride Will Show Up, What She Did Made Everyone Cry

There’s no other good feeling that can fathom the happiness of a man proposing to the woman he loves and getting a yes for marriage. It feels like heaven knowing that you will be getting married for the longest time that you’ve been together. Imagine a man who used to imagine his future happening the way he wants it to be and now it’s starting to become a reality. Part of marriage is submitting yourselves to one another as what the Bible tells us. You will be soon together under God’s will and you need to make sure that God is the center of your relationship.

A man was about to marry the girl that he loves the most and nobody could imagine the excitement that he felt at that very moment. He was patiently waiting on the aisle for her bride and everyone else is excited to see her walking at the center-right into the direction towards her groom. It took a few moments and everyone else is wondering if she’s still coming or not. Now the groom is feeling mixed emotions of excitement and being nervous at the same time. Maybe some of the guests were already thinking that the bride to be has walked away and changed her mind.

Nobody can stop what God has planned and it was His will to bless this most awaited moment of their lives. The bride appeared in her long white gown looking very stunning and she was holding a microphone. As she walks down the aisle, she was sweetly singing a song of worship which made the guests burst in tears. The message of the song clearly declares that at the center of their relationship is a God who will make them stronger.

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