She Experienced God’s Miracle And Say: Somethings Are Impossible To Man But Nothing Is Impossible To God

13 years ago I was in high school , one day I had a meeting with my parents and faculty members. They told me and my parents that due to my disability I wasn’t able to graduate from there.

Sometimes when I pressed the issue with my parents , but they would say just let it go, but I knew I couldn’t let it go. So this year my dad told me to write a letter to the school board and I did that and sent it in the mail in early march. There is one night, I was at church and I saw a bulletin board, it said“somethings are impossible to man but nothing is impossible to God”.

One day in music class I heard Jesus spoke to me, “I’m going to help you get your diploma”, and he touched my shoulder which was a tingling sensation, then I heard the story of Abraham and the ram. So I came home from church and told my mom about it . How amazing thing happened on April 21st, I got a letter from the school board and it said that in 10 days I will have my high school diploma and on May 9th I officially graduated from high school.

What a great thing God had done fro me, I really thankful God’s love and mercy.



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