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A Muslim Man Broke His Heart For Being Neglected by People, Only A Pastor Noticed the Sorrow

People were created by God equally as He died for the sins of the entire world. Respect begets respects so we always need to give consideration to other people. As the golden rule states, “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you” explains that if you are expecting people to respect you as a person, you need to show them that you are also willing to listen to their opinion.

It was one fine day when Pastor Greg Locke visited a trampoline game park with his family to have some bonding and fun. In an instant, he saw a Muslim family wearing their traditional clothes and head coverings that can easily be noticed and recognized by the people around them.  The Muslim children went off to play while their father decided to play a game of pool.

The family was about to leave when Pastor Greg asked the man why he’s leaving without finishing his game. The man replied, “Because nobody wants to play with me”. It is heartbreaking to hear this statement to a person who has also created by God as a special human being. People have different views on life. We may differ in our race, religious beliefs, sex and some other aspects of life but always remember that we are all creatures made by God.

Jesus was sent into the world to save everyone from their sins. Everyone is treated equally in the eyes of the Lord. How will you expect somebody to respect you without even respecting what others believe? Start telling people to respect and love one another just as God sent His son into the world and turned selfless in order for us people to be saved! The Scripture says “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”.

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