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Formerly Conjoined Twins Say Their Life as Teens Is Normal after Nearly A Decade Post-Surgery

A PAIR of formerly conjoined twins are about to take on their next big adventure on their own. Macey and Mackenzie Garrison, 18, were attached at the pelvis when they were born, alongside their triplet sister Madeline. Nine months later, Macey and Mackenzie were separated in a 24-hour-surgery. The operation left both twins with one leg each, and they had multiple surgeries, including spinal infusions, to carry on life as normal as possible.

Macey said: “We’re so very independent, we don’t need help. We can do pretty much everything that ‘normal’ people can do. I don’t look at myself as, like, I can’t do that. Because I have one leg. That’s just not who we are as people.”

They’re coming up to a big milestone in their lives, and they’re soon heading off to university. They’ll be living on different campuses and spending more time separately. Mackenzie and Macey believe branching out on their own will be good for the whole family. Mackenzie added: “I need to go to college for myself. I think just being able to be our own self and figuring it out by ourselves is what I’m looking forward to.”

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