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Actress Stacey Dash Shares That She Was Ready to Abort Her Child But God Changed Her Mind

In an interview with People magazine, actress Stacey Dash shared how she was getting ready to have an abortion when God told her to keep her son.

Dash had been struggling with having an abortion because as she said, her life was in a bad place. She was molested as a small child living in South Bronx; in her teen years, she was using drugs and was in a physically abusive relationship.

She left the abusive relationship and began dating musician Christopher Williams when she became pregnant. But years of hardship before that left her without the will to live—she was considering suicide. Dash decided to have an abortion because she did not see any future for herself or the child.

However, she retells that she was crying to God asking Him what she should do. She perceived God telling her to keep her child, so she removed the IV from her arm and left the abortion procedure. As a result of her trusting God, she now has a son, Austin, 25, and a daughter, Lola, 12.


Dash is outspoken against abortion and Planned Parenthood which she says tends to target black women. Dash, who is half black, questions Planned Parenthood for their contradicting message that says they are pro-women and pro-minorities, yet target black women. She wrote a blog article about it on her Patheos page in 2015.

Due to her conservative views and dislike for inconsistencies between words and actions by the liberal Left, she is somewhat ostracized in Hollywood. She is against the liberal thinking of giving free “stuff” to minorities because it decreases the self-worth of the individuals—they need opportunities, not free stuff, according to Dash.

Dash’s story reminds us that although our situation may be tough at the moment, we can trust God to lead us in right paths when we yield to Him. We do not need to lean on our own understanding, but trust the Lord, do good, and wait on Him. In this case, because she yielded to what God wanted, Dash is now a happy mother of two.

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