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Judge Calls Up Little Girl To Deliver Sentence To Her Mother

This a challenging year for all of us. While others are blessed to still have a food to eat and a shelter to keep warm, others are not as lucky. Life will really push us to the limit and test your faith but don’t forget that God will never abandon us.

“Caught in the Providence” is a nationally syndicated show where real people with real cases will explain themselves in front of Judge Frank Caprio.

One clip from the show captured the hearts of many and became viral, it is entitled, “Tough Year.” It shows a mother, Massey English, together with her toddler, Kaya, enters a courtroom. The Judge was struck by how adorable and sweet Kaya is. He even asked if she is English’s lawyer.

The mood instantly changed when Judge Caprio found out the reason why English and her daughter was issued a parking ticket.

English explains that she received a parking ticket while she was picking up her daughter’s birth certificate. She said she had to run the errand because she had just lost her husband from cancer. Judge Caprio then said he remembers English.

Earlier that year, she also had been in the courtroom because of a similar tragic story. Her son had broken his arm and had to stay in the ICU for five days while doctors performed a graft.

“It’s been a rough year. It’s been a lot for myself and both of my children the last year. There’s a lot that went on,” English explains.

Judge Caprio is touched by English’s story so before he offers his verdict, he seek help from Kaya. He called her up to the bench and ask Kaya to say, “Mommy, not guilty.”

Credit: Caught in Providence Youtube Screenshot

“Well, Kaya says you’re not guilty. Now I can’t compete with that,” he adds after Kaya adorably repeats “not guilty.”

When the video was posted, it became viral. People took in to the comment section to show their appreciation to the Judge.

“A judge who hasn’t forgotten his humanity. My favorite judge ever,” one viewer wrote.

“This Judge doesn’t act by the book, but he act by his heart.” A commenter added.

According to the show’s website, Judge Caprio is the Chief Municipal Judge in Providence, Rhode Island. The website also explains that “All of the cases and people are real.”

Judge Caprio spoke to the show’s popularity in an interview with Providence College, attributing its success to the decency it shows its participants.

“We have boxes full of letters from all over the world. Understanding, Fair, Compassionate – in almost every letter, those words are present. We’ve captured the imagination of the world by doing nothing other than showing basic decency.” Judge Caprio Explained.

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